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Casa moderna


Professional home inspection


for those who buy


for sellers

Efficiency and transparency     

for all parties

We provide service in the Department of Maldonado

We offer the realization of a detailed inspection and report with photographic support of the house from an objective , independent and professional point of view that will allow:

To the seller :  

It will speed up and facilitate the sale because it provides you with a differential fact over other homes.

To the buyer:  

It is the right of the buyer to be well informed, having a technical and professional report on the characteristics and conditions of the property.

In addition, you can have information and reach a better negotiation and get a price that is more adjusted to reality.

Why request an IPV certificate

The inspection consists of a non-invasive study of the construction,

It is an ocular inspection with photographic survey and a check list of the different points to be analyzed.

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